Leadership DEVELOPMENT & Coaching Intensive for DOCTORS.
Leverage the Unprecedented Challenges During COVID-19 to Drive Growth in AIM Leadership's 12-Week Course.
Camille Preston, PhD, PCC designed this exclusive program to help doctors keep driving change in the face of today’s unique challenges. Participants will discover how to build resilience, cultivate greater executive presence, and refine core leadership skills, including decision-making and delegation.
Registration only $3,475
Scaled pricing is available for high-potentials who would benefit from participating in these leader-focused sessions
*Seats are limited to 50 spots.


creatE Vitality
Learn to manage stress and uncertainty while learning to replenish our energetic reserves.
Cultivate Resilience & Manage Boundaries
Learn to manage stress and uncertainty, as well as repair and establish boundaries.
NavigatE Altitude
Develop the competence and confidence to operate at different altitudes.
Optimize Performance & Create Flow 
Take care of your body, wellness, and work-life balance while increasing creativity and productivity.
Lead as A Coach
Allow your team to become more capable, competent, and confident so they can do things easier, faster, and better in the future. 
Build Trust in Teams
Prioritize trust and develop clear expectations, while emphasizing character, competence, and communication. 
Build Transparency & Leverage Authenticity
Help individuals and teams improve trust by expanding transparency while harnessing their true and full selves. 
Delegate Efficiently & Manage Bandwidth
Learn the key skills leaders use to effectively delegate, manage time and create bandwidth.  
Align Values
Invest time to proactively clarify values & align your actions. Simplify, streamline, and accelerate your impact at work and in life.
This LEADERSHIP DEEP DIVE Is Limited, So Register NOW!
Hi, I'm Camille Preston, PhD, PCC
Dr. Camille Preston is a business psychologist and recognized thought leader on bandwidth management. She partners with leaders and teams to help them achieve greater impact and higher returns in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

Camille has spent over two decades cultivating the leadership capacities of executives across industries and around the globe. She founded AIM Leadership because she believes we all have the potential to achieve more, be more efficient, and experience greater well-being and fulfillment on the job and in life.

As a trusted advisor, Camille works with executives to develop their capacity to deliver exceptional results by discovering new perspectives, overcoming obstacles, and sharpening their leadership skills.

Camille is also a sought-after facilitator with experience working with on-site and distributed teams and organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors. Teams and organizations that work with Camille build the trust, transparency, systems, and bandwidth needed to work together more effectively and with more impact.
Take Action Today. 
Join The AIM Leadership 12-Week Deep Dive.
Hear From Past Clients
Camille Preston has helped leaders build resilient teams and scalable businesses.
The sprint leadership series was a highly efficient approach to offering pragmatic interventions to improve my professional and personal leadership habits. It offered a hybrid coaching style that combined Camille's professional coaching expertise with dynamic peer mentorship. I still feel the impact of the six-week deep dive.

Senior Faculty

Academic Medical Center

The most valuable aspect of coaching with Camille is her ‘gentle prod.’ I think in general people are very capable of bringing about changes in their lives and learning new skills to apply to their daily routines and their relationships and their work life. But many times people need help in getting started. Working with a coach can be that initial or, depending on the relationship, sustaining energy to help a person pursue important goals.


Georgetown University Hospital

Camille exudes positive energy and presents topics with impressive credentials and experience. I felt very connected with her and impressed at how wonderfully she connected with us. At the same time, she was committed to a start and finish line and to execute all information on program.


Inova Hospital

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